Centauri 3D CAD

Custom 3D designs made easy and affordable for anyone.

Centauri 3D CAD is an individually and student run hobby/business that uses software such as Fusion 360 and Blender to create custom models of your own specifications.
I also provide services such as prototyping models for small business using 3D printing, 3D printing custom designs provided by clients, and converting two-dimensional dual color images into a 3D object for fabrication, all through the use of high quality CAD software and a small 3D printer farm. 

The secure way to purchase custom designs

Both Wix's conditions and my own morals ensure that all of your data required for me to fulfill a client's request will be kept as secure as possible after the transaction has taken place.

A degree of control over your product like no other

My method of fulfilling an order provides clients with one of the most personalized and detailed experiences in controlling the result of their final product.

Contact me today for a free consultation

Please read my "About" page and "Pricing, Terms and Conditions" page before contacting me. Use the email listed at the top-right / bottom of the page. 
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