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"What is this place?" -You, Today

       Centauri 3D is a student run small-business that is based around freelance computer aided design services. Although my skills are somewhat limited at the moment, I can provide low cost and relatively quick designs for 3D printing and manufacturing.


If there is something that you think I may be able to do, feel free to ask me about it in a private message through the email at the top right corner of the page. My current software tool-set consists of 3D sculpting in Blender and basic parts in Fusion 360.


As for my working hours/days, I will typically work on any projects for a client on weekends, and only from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm on Saturdays. 

Here are some of the things I could probably do with a degree of ease: Modeling an unrealistic character in Blender, creating precise components for 3D printing in Fusion 360, converting two-dimensional designs into a 3D logo/file (preferably only two colors in the design), and hopefully 3D scanning with a given set of images (not yet, since I am only considering getting software for this). 

I hope my services can meet your needs at an easily affordable price.


     Although my main focus is currently in designing parts in CAD softwares, I also operate a small 3D printer farm. A 3D printer farm can consist of two or more 3D printers, and is often used to print a large number of designs simultaneously. 

     That being said, I also offer an option to 3D print a design of your choice (either designed by me or a design sent to me for 3D printing) in my printer farm. 

PLA BRANDS USED: the PLA (poly-lactic acid) filament that is used to 3D print a design determine the texture, strength, transparency, and general qualities of a requested product.  I currently print with the following PLA brands: SUNLU PLA, HATCHBOX PLA, and SOLUTECH PLA. 

    *The colored versions of these filaments will cost more and are limited*

PRINT SETTINGS AND SLICER: The slicer used in 3D printing is the software that is used to translate a 3D design file into instructions for a 3D printer or other machine to fabricate. It will typically affect aspects of a design such as layer height, infill density, scale, and the 3D printer brand that the .gcode file is made for (if you want to 3D print a design yourself). I highly recommend asking me about this in a private message chain at the email in the top right of the page. 

Recommendations for reaching out to me.

     If you have a file you want me to 3D print, specify all mentioned aspects of the build within the given parameters, such as my stock of PLA, my schedule, and more to be discussed in a private message. If you have an idea of a design you want me to create, please try and answer as many of my related questions as possible and provide as much detail as you can. The more of these two things, the easier it will be for me to create your design.  

     If you have criticisms, please attempt to keep them constructive so that I may improve in areas that I failed, but I will not stand for blatant insults directed towards me or my family. If you were to do so, I would probably end up blocking emails that may be owned by you and refusing services to you. Please see my terms and conditions page for more information on this. 

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