Delivery Options

    In order to get your purchased items to you, we have a few options to get them to you.

1 - If you live in the kingwood-atascosita-humble area, we will deliver our products to you. in order to select this option your order must entail OVER 20 ITEMS.
2 - Drop off at your residence. In order to select this option your order must entail OVER 20 ITEMS. Again, you must live in the kingwood-atascosita-humble area.
3 - Mailing to you via FedEx, UPS, etc. There is no limit or minimum to how many you  order via mailing services, but do us a favor and do not order over 100 items YET. We are still a very small operation, and we must supply Memorial Hermann at the same time you buy from us. 
4 - If you work at or are in charge of a medical facility, nursing home, clinic, or hospital, you can request a shipment of mask strap holding bands, free of charge. Donations in return are optional, but appreciated.

Donation Options

Donating to our cause is entirely optional, but if you do decide to donate, we accept PayPal donations through this webpage and donations in person.