Centauri 3D CAD

Pricing Rational, Terms and Conditions (READ CAREFULLY)

The price of a request will be based on the following conditions.

 - The price of delivery, which will depend on the cost of shipping from my     location to the client's. 

 - The percentage of a PLA spool used multiplied by the cost of that spool.

 - A $3 (USD) flat price for the use of a single 3D printer and its maintenance. (rare or specialized filaments with properties other than the most basic will carry an extra $2 USD in price per print)

 - The price of a design that starts at a $3 (USD) minimum and can be quoted differently depending on the nature of the request. 

 - Delivery fees are separate from other costs and will depend on the cost of shipping a finished request to the client's location.

When using my service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

 1) Design requests that are blatantly NSFW (not suitable for work) in nature will be refused immediately, and persisting to request NSFW designs will result in the client being blocked from communicating with me. 

Explicit design content includes but is not limited to:

 - designs that contain features strongly resembling human genitalia

 - designs containing uncovered female breasts

 - designs depicting an uncovered posterior region of both males and females

2) Information Policy: I do not distribute or sell any personal information regarding my clients and all other information that is exchanged in the process of fulfilling a request. This condition applies to every last bit of information, down to the very message, and especially applies to personal information such as location, names, address, gender, and all other personal information. All data related to a client and their request will be kept as secure as possible.

3) Cancellation Policy: If an order is to be cancelled in mid production, I will request a fee that can be as high as 70% of the cost of work up to the point of cancellation. (examples: cancelled on the day a request is due I will charge 70% of the price up to that point)

4) Communication Policy: All communication between myself and a client is to be kept professional, respectful, and free of any vulgar terms or verbal depictions. If you, the client, have criticisms, please keep them constructive so that I may improve in areas that I failed. Failure to abide by this term will result in the client being blocked from communicating with me. 

5) Specification Policy: Based on the request description provided, I will attempt to fulfill a client's needs to the best of my abilities. HOWEVER, if the client does not clearly state their needs, I am not to be held accountable for a product that does not meet the expectations of a client. It is the job of the client to be as specific as possible with their order so that I may be able to fulfill it to be as close to what the client envisioned.

6) BEAR IN MIND: You should  avoid providing any confidential or identifying information about yourself beyond your name and address for delivery of a finish product. I am bound by Wix's terms and conditions as well as my own morals to not sell or distribute any personal data (name, address, age, gender, emails, etc) exchanged in a transaction, and I expect the same from all customers. provide me with only enough information to meet your CAD design and 3D printing requests.  

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